Hello surfers,

Welcome in our cattery, named "Zebdaj".

In our cattery in Oss (The Netherlands) there are two different races: Burmese and Ocicat. At this moment we have cats in different colours.
In february 2003 the first Ocicat entered our house: Nari (chocolate spotted). For more than a year we had three breeds.
Febe died 26 mei 2004. Therefor our people decided to keep a female out of Nari's first litter. Her name was Ditte. She was tawny spotted.

Later also a lilac daughter of Illja, named Lucie, was born here. When the first silver (chocolate) Ocicat Zsazsa moved in, they became best friends.  Later also Ocicats Bente, Marsipan (both tawny spotted) and cream Burmese Carmen became best friends.

In the meantime all those ladies have left our cattery.
From time to time our people take us to a cat show, so everyone can meet us. If you want to visit us at home, please make an appointment with our bosses.

Some males are available for mating. Of course you may ask for the conditions.
We have our own individually page (sorry, only Dutch) where we tell some stories. You can come there by our links.
Besides girls there also live and have lived boys here.
The first adult tomcat who lived here was Boy, a cinnamon silver spotted Ocicat. Unfortunately he has passed the way. Happily Solano, a lilac silver spotted Ocicat, than came in our life. We also give hospitality to DJ, a blue spotted Ocicat.
The first adult Burmese male was Ice Boy, lilac of colour. He became the father of Hapy, a cream Burmese. In the meanwhile Ice Boy, Solano, Hapy and DJ also moved out.

But now we like to introduce the cats who live here.
As said already also litters have been born here. As soon as the little ones are born, a "phototgraph diary" will be started. So everybody can see how mother and kids are doing. It was not possible to translate the text on all of the pictures. We hope the photographs will speak for themselves.
Have fun while looking!

Sayangku, Odette, Gelske, Jack, Tim, Firouzeh, Impian Ku and Satu.
We like to tell you how this cattery is established.
Our owners had before us two (old type) Siamese cats: Febe and her daughter Moti. When Moti died, Febe was left alone and she did not like this. So our owners started a search for a companion. The boss has felt in love with the Ocicat, but no female was available. So there came an other breed: a Burmese. Illja, a lilac Burmese, was a real friend for Febe.
The Ocicats here are:

- Sayangku, a chocolate spotted male;
- Odette, a chocolate spotted female;
- Firouzeh, a blue spotted girl and
- Satu, her chocolate spotted half sister.

And the Burmeses:
- Gelske, a cream female;
- Jack, a red male;
- Tim, a lilac male;
- Impian Ku, a blue tortie female.
So you can ask something to us